French Casino Operators Are Looking To Expand

By Online Casino 365

French Casino Operators Are Looking To Expand

Due to a recent increase in the net revenue generated by casinos throughout France, operators in the country are interested in expansion. This is the first time in over five years that France’s net revenue has increased thanks to its casinos. French casino operators want to take advantage of this increase in revenue and expand in ways that will attract younger gamblers.

There are 201 venues throughout France that offer gambling and the income generated in 2015 from these venues equals $2.36 billion. According to gambling operators France has more casinos than any other country in Europe. They have also noted that most of French casinos run by a specific operator offer casino patrons entertainment options that do not involve gambling.

France’s municipal governments are interested in possibly expanding the country’s casino industry. Jean-Claude Gaudin, Mayor of Marseille, France, arranged for a study of casino gaming in the city to be conducted. The results of the study determined that having a casino in Marseille would lead to a €10 million increase in yearly tax revenue as well as the creation of 500 jobs. Nearby towns have already benefited from having casinos in them as Deauville’s government draws 30pc per year thanks to the taxes placed on their casino games. Some French towns have drawn as much as 80pc per year from their local casino taxes.

Though casinos are not allowed by law to exist inside France’s borders, those who operate gambling facilities want to open their own casinos in France’s capital city of Paris. There is a possibility that in the future, casino operators will be able to have private gambling clubs in the capital. The French government seemed to prefer the idea of gambling clubs to casinos for a while, though in 2008 several were closed after those running them were suspected of allowing the Corsican mafia to launder an undisclosed amount of money. It has been proposed that France replace its casinos with gambling clubs modeled after those found in London; these clubs would offer all of the usual casino games with the exception of slot machines.

Historically, any casinos found in France have only been located in beach resorts and thermal spa destinations for tourists. This has been the case throughout France for over the past 100 years.

One way that casino operators are getting around the laws in France is to open online casinos, though they must be based offshore or run by a company in another country. Online casinos have not been allowed by law to actually be based in France, though many of them do accept French players. A change was enacted in 2010 when France made it legal for its residents to play online Poker. However, all other types of casino games are still outlawed where the Internet is concerned. This does not stop French players from finding online casinos they can join. In the future they may no longer have to do so to gamble.

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