Gambling in Macau Featuring Up and Coming Studio City Casino Macau

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Gambling in Macau Featuring Up and Coming Studio City Casino Macau

Ever since gambling was legalized since 1850s by the Portuguese government, Macau has been popular as the Monte Carlo of the Orient. Since then, gambling has been Macau’s largest source of revenue making up almost half of the city’s economy. Before, only Chinese games were played in Macau. That was until Western-style games were introduced by 20th century. Today, gambling in Macau is divided in four categories, namely sports betting, lotteries, greyhound racing and the casino games.

There are many casinos in Macau and the biggest of them is The Venetian Macau. Each of these casinos operates under a common set of rules and under government franchise. They offer wide range of games including roulette, boule, Fan Tan, Sic bo, baccarat, blackjack and slot machines. It was in August of 2007 when poker was introduced at the Galaxy Starworld casino. Gambling in Macau is legal since 1850 and gambling houses operate under a licensing system until 1863.

Although there have been reports of decline in casino industry in Macau, there are many up and coming casinos opening this 2015. One of which is the Studio City which will be coming to the Cotai Strip possibly in the third quarter of this year. The casino’s theme is cinema and is located at the proposed light rail lines. As such, success is expected for this new casino for the mass market.

The majority stake for this project is held by Melcro Crown Entertainment. It was also Melcro Crown which is behind major developments in Macau and Manila, particularly the City of Dreams. As of recent, it was announced that the construction budget for Studio City has been increased according to its developer, Studio City International Holdings Limited.

The shareholders of the newest casino venture in Macau have agreed to increase the finance for the casino to ensure that it will open by mid-2015. The casino boasts of its cinematic theme and the wide range of completely unique entertainment and attractions designed to enhance Macau’s appeal to tourists.

With the Melcro Crown being its major stake holder, Studio City is expected to be one of the most exciting new casinos in Macau. Melcro Crown is known for the amazing developments it has brought to Macau as well as Manila. As such, there is much expectation from the up and coming casino that is Studio City.

Gambling is a major source of revenue in Macau and casinos are important in their economy. As such, the new Studio City Casino Macau is sure to be a big addition to the thriving industry of gambling in Macau. Of course, everything is of legality and everything is done according to the common set of rules for gambling houses.

Either way, Studio is going to be a must-see and newest attraction to the famous city of Macau. It will be a great addition to many world-class and superb casinos providing wide array of games for tourists and guests. When it finally opens, it is not surprising for it to catch the eyes of gambling enthusiasts.

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