How Technology Changed Gambling

By Online Casino 365

How Technology Changed Gambling

Technology has been used in an attempt to encourage the younger generation to gamble. Casinos now use technology strategically to increase their number of visitors in the desired demographic of 21 to 35.

The technology casinos are investing in attracts younger gamblers because it allows their gaming machines to stimulate them in auditory and visual ways. Complete with a touch screen and surround sound, these gaming machines are meant to remind gamblers of video games. They are equipped with chairs that make the experience interactive, and allow players to immerse themselves in entertainment. When special effects are heard in a game the chair will respond accordingly, helping gamblers feel the game as much as they can see it.

Despite the addition of this type of technology, casinos are taking their quest to attract younger gamblers a step further. They do this by offering games that support augmented reality, defined as combining virtual and real reality to enhance the gaming experience. This allows for features such as a smart phone app connected to a particular game in the casino as well as opportunities for players to take interactive photographs.

However, casinos are aware that the novelty of these features will wear off quickly in younger players. As a result, casinos are constantly looking to update the technology they use in their games. In fact, some casinos now have what is referred to as a Gamblit game station. This hosts interactive skill based games such as Smoothie Blast. In this game players create their own smoothie with their choice of fruits. The combination of fruits a player chooses for their smoothie determines the amount of money they win from the game. Gamblit is in the process of teaming up with several gaming companies to create more skill based games. However, according to an executive for Gambling Gamblit, the company behind these interactive game stations has stated that the whole purpose of skill based games is to entertain younger players as opposed to luring them into casinos to spend money.

As much as casinos are focusing on adding video game aspects to their machines, a researcher from Harvard University has stated that when video games are used to encourage young people to gamble they are losing the psychological benefits it offers. His argument is that these games won’t help gamblers improve their playing skills.

Even casinos in Las Vegas are jumping on the idea of making their games more interactive. One way they have done so is to incorporate e-sports into their entertainment options. These online video game tournaments in which players compete with others from all over the world is catching on with younger gamblers. E-sports also include betting on professional sports teams such as those in the NFL. Many younger gamblers are equally interested in both types of gaming.

As technology continues to change and casinos struggle to reach younger gamblers, only time will tell if they can be persuaded to embrace the changes the casinos make.

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