The Growing Popularity Of Online Gambling

By Online Casino 365

The Growing Popularity Of Online Gambling

Online gambling has become an increasingly popular activity over the last several years and this trend is expected to continue. A study done in the UK predicts that by the year 2019 greater than one adult out of every 10 will be gambling online and/or on their mobile device.

The study also predicted that almost half of all adults in both Italy and the UK will be engaging in some form of online gambling. One of the things said to be helping online gambling grow in popularity is the fact that the online gambling industry is becoming increasingly liberal throughout both the United States and the Europe when it comes to both casino sites and sports betting sites.

Since 2013, online casinos based in New Jersey, Delaware and Nevada has seen a large increase in the amount of money they have earned from online gamblers. Some of the online casinos that are growing the most rapidly are the ones based in offshore sites that accept players from the United States, because many online casinos don’t. Bovada and Top Bet are two such casinos that have experienced much more traffic over the last two years than in the years prior. The theory is that this might lead to more states in America offering online casinos to their residents in order to increase the amount of tax revenues they earn.

A recent directive concerning Anti-Money Laundering has been implemented and experts in the industry now expect national gambling policies to become harmonized more than they have been in the past. One thing that has still been discouraging online casinos from operating is that the requirements to get properly licensed are very complex. This has caused some significant online casino gaming software companies to stop supporting certain casinos, which is hurting online casinos in general.

As online gambling continues to grow in popularity casinos are bending over backwards to seek licensing approval from the organizations in charge of doing so. Since an online casino cannot legally operate without the proper licensing, many online casinos have now become illegal.

Owners of land based casinos all over the world are fighting the growth of online gambling. Some are counteracting this by creating online versions of their land based casino, such as Golden Nugget Casino in Atlantic City.

Online gamblers are the winners in this battle because now land based casinos in many countries are doing their best to compete with online casinos. In such a competitive industry, online casinos and offline casinos are both stepping up efforts to attract new players to their casino and retain them as players for months and even years.

As the trend of online gambling continues to grow, so does the trend of online gambling problems. Those that find themselves addicted to gambling, whether it is offline or online, are strongly being encouraged to seek help before they lose everything. The online casino industry has opened up gambling to people who probably wouldn’t otherwise.

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