What are the most popular casino games?

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What are the most popular casino games?

We have always been psyched about games that test our luck and we are further excited if there are great rewards in the end. The most popular casino games are the most rewarding ones but they are not just the ones that test our luck or fate without any effort on our part. If you have to guess what would be the most popular game of luck, then that has to be Bingo. Millions of people play the Bingo and the Lotto. Indeed, lottery is the most addictive, widespread and also the most rewarding game of gambling. However, it is not strictly one of the casino games and it certainly doesn’t require any effort from the player. Here is a list of the most popular casino games, which are as much about luck as they are about strategy.

The card game has become a household phenomenon, mostly because of pop culture. The game is not the most complicated of casino games. Many serial gamblers prefer other casino games but there is no debate that poker remains to be the most revered game in casinos. Also, the game is not just about getting the high card, the pairs, straight, full house, straight flush or royal flush among others. One has to outdo others and that is where all the bluffing, masquerading and strategizing kick in. Poker has several versions, including Texas Hold’em, Razz and 7-card stud among others.

Many will be disappointed for ranking craps ahead of blackjack but this is not an order of popularity. Craps is a very easy game to play. There is hardly any effort involved and it is all about luck. There are many players at the table and you should know the rules. Get accustomed with the pass line, the don’t pass line, the field line, the come line and the various bets including Big 6/8, Any Seven, C&E and of course Craps.

If you have seen some movies that show the protagonists championing the counting of cards and then tricking the house to win, then you should rest assured that it is much harder than it seems. It is very difficult to keep counting and then finding yourself short of or at 21. There’s a saying in Vegas that the house always wins. It happens to be true so bet responsibly.

The most played game in any casino of the world. No matter how popular poker, blackjack or craps get, people will always slide a few coins down the slots. There are innumerable versions of slots and there can be different rules depending on the choice of the establishment and hence the calibration of the machine.

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